University of Houston Industrial Design student won Design Contest Entry

By Bijy Vattathara

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Claude Reyes, a graduate student from University of Houston Industrial Design department won the recent Siemens monthly design contest using NX. Find out what Claude has to say about the entry:

  • What is your Field of Study:

Industrial Design (Graduate Program)

  • Why did you choose this project/design – what gave you the idea?

I choose this project/design due to the complexity of the product.It provided me enough challenge to be familiar and truly learn Siemens NX capabilities in the product design context.I believe NX is a great CAD alternative for Industrial Designers especially.

  • What challenges did you face during the design/build?

The challenge I faced during the design process is how to properly tackle complex surfacing design and how NX improves my work flow.

  • What features of this software did you use to develop your project?

I use the surfacing and assemblies features immensely to achieve the design goal.I also use the rendering capabilities to investigate the material and product showcase.

  • Would you recommend this software to another student? Why or Why not

Yes.It is a great alternative to other CAD software, and it is a very stable CAD program.No headaches or anxiety of the program crashing while working with the tools in achieving that design goal.It provides a very intuitive approach especially for non-engineering background to design a product.Our college recently was awarded this Siemens NX program grant and our course was the first one to use it.This only proves how easy it is to use when I transitioned to using NX from other CAD programs. 

Professor Dr Jorge Camba also commented, that “Siemens NX was recently introduced in the industrial design curriculum at the University of Houston as a results of an in-kind grant we received in 2016.Our program is just beginning to explore all the capabilities and functionality the software can offer and we are gradually migrating our courses to NX. This project was completed as part of a graduate level CAD course, where we explored modeling, surfaces, and assemblies in Siemens NX.”

2017 Nov winner 2.jpgPlease check out the winning entry and more images

To enter the design contest, submit a new entry with an image created using one of Siemens PLM Software products

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