Test Drive Valor NPI Free for 30 Days

Valor NPI DFM for electronics

How do you learn about new products? I like to research the product on the web, look at some reviews, and get input from friends who have the product. Those are methods we all probably use. But, there is no substitute to trying the product yourself…and we have a new Valor NPI software trial that lets you take the tool for a test drive for a full month.

What’s so special about Valor NPI? We have taken knowledge from your fabricators and assembly houses and built that into the tool. You can run DFM at any time during layout up through manufacturing release. That lets you find errors when you can quickly correct them instead of later in the process where it becomes a major ordeal.

And, this isn’t one of those “Here’s the software…I hope you can figure out how to use it” deals. With this virtual lab, you will be able to explore the capabilities and features of Valor NPI at your own pace. You’ll have immediate, hands-on access to many of the Valor NPI features. Data files and tutorials help you become familiar with the tool, its features and functionality.

If you are an Xpedition user, start your free trial of Xpedition DFM powered by Valor NPI here>>

To start your free trial for any other PCB design flow, click here>>

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