Move into the SaaS lane with Teamcenter X

By Scott Salzwedel

As cloud computing shifts into high gear, we are quickly seeing the widespread adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) across industries – among businesses large and small.

Indeed, SaaS is revolutionizing how businesses operate and compete. If you have been hesitant or reluctant to adopt a SaaS solution, perhaps now is the time to reconsider your options.

Why now?

The simple answer is many of the best and most successful software solutions from Siemens are now available as SaaS offerings. The strategic collaboration between Siemens and Amazon Web Services (AWS) brings exclusive products and services to market and removes the traditional barriers teams might encounter as they transition to a digital enterprise. Among the many Siemens SaaS offerings is the leading PLM software, Teamcenter called “Teamcenter X.”

What makes Teamcenter X so special?

Teamcenter X handles the burden of operating, managing and securing operations throughout the entire PLM environment. This is a critical advantage as it frees organizations to be more innovative, agile and creative. Teams can focus on what they were hired to do. They are free to think out of the box and innovate not only within the team, but across domains and disciplines.

Teamcenter X highlights include:

  • Fast SaaS PLM – your fast track to digital transformation: With built-in best practices and reduced cost of ownership, Teamcenter X allows teams to get up and running in the cloud quickly. All operations, maintenance and updates are performed by Siemens and AWS.
  • Grows with you: Teamcenter X delivers the full Teamcenter PLM portfolio. Get started with what you need now and add more users or capabilities when the need arises.
  • Resides on a secure cloud platform: The Teamcenter X platform is always up to date, ensuring the highest levels of protection for data, while enhancing an organization’s operational resilience. By leveraging the Teamcenter X secure cloud infrastructure, users reduce energy usage and lower their carbon footprint, making it a sustainable choice that aligns with an organization’s environmental goals.

The Siemens and AWS collaboration presents one of the easiest ways to transition operations to the cloud. Imagine what the partnership between a top global tech company and the leading cloud services provider could do for you?

The value-add of Teamcenter X on AWS Cloud

Because Teamcenter X is hosted on AWS Cloud, there are many substantial advantages that only Siemens and AWS can offer:

-Shattering the “lack of security” myth: There’s always some resistance among customers (especially SMBs) when moving operations to the cloud because of where sensitive data will be stored. AWS security is always a top priority. In fact, AWS Cloud has been architected to be the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment on the market today. The AWS core infrastructure is built to satisfy the secure requirements for defense, global banks and other high sensitivity organizations. AWS service offerings and associate supply chains are vetted and accepted as secure for top secret operability.

AWS security services and solutions are focused on delivering four key strategic benefits critical to  implementing and operating an optimal security landscape.

-Hackers be afraid… Be very afraid: Scammers, phishers or any person with malicious intent can usually find a server somewhere to hack whether it is in the cloud or on-prem. AWS has a dedicated team of engineers and investigators who build algorithms and mechanisms to proactively detect and prevent misuse of all cloud services. It is a 24/7 operation and AWS responds quickly whenever a suspicious activity is brought to their attention.

-Resiliency like you have never seen before: AWS offers unprecedented resiliency on the cloud because the entire infrastructure is managed by AWS services. This infrastructure comprises hardware, software, networking and facilities. The AWS Global cloud infrastructure is designed to enable customers to build highly resilient workload architectures. Also, each AWS region is fully isolated and consists of multiple availability zones. Availability zones isolate faults that could impact workload resilience, preventing a fault from impacting other zones in the same region. All zones in an AWS region are interconnected with high-bandwidth and low-latency networking on fully redundant dedicated fiber. This in turn, provides high-throughput, low-latency networking between availability zones. All traffic between zones is encrypted.

-Reliability you can count on: One of the pillars of the AWS well-architected framework is reliability – the ability for any workload to perform its intended function correctly and consistently. Some of the built-in design principles to ensure business reliability include: automatically recovering from failure; scaling horizontally to increase aggregate workload availability; and measured capacity when needed. This last principle addresses a common cause of failure and on-premises workloads, which is resource saturation when the demands placed on a workload exceed the capacity of that workload. Users can monitor demand and workload utilization and automate the addition or removal of resources.

-Agility to grow and succeed: AWS allows customers to quickly ramp-up resources as needed. Manufacturers for example, can quickly develop and roll out new applications and teams can experiment and innovate more quickly and frequently. If an experiment fails, teams can always deprovision those resources without risk.

-Elasticity to tap into the power of the cloud: As mentioned earlier, in the past, customers used to overprovision IT infrastructure just to ensure that they had enough capacity to handle their business operations at peak activity level. This was often guesswork and required purchasing unused capacity. With AWS, users can provision what they actually need, knowing that they can instantly scale up or down with the needs of their business.

-Of course, cost savings in both ownership and in operations: AWS allows customers to trade capital expense for variable expense – users only pay for what they consume. With AWS, the variable expense is much lower than what SMBs can typically do themselves. Because of economies of scale, this especially aligned with manufacturers. AWS is moving fixed costs to variable costs – critical to keeping the operating model flexible relative to demand. SaaS not only gets users started fast, but also shifts the IT burden. With SaaS, Siemens takes the burden of managing the software, hardware, security, maintenance and even the upgrades/updates.

Teamcenter X fueling the digital transformation

With Teamcenter X, users simply choose the starting point to begin their digital transformation. Teams have access to all the necessary tools to start immediately, covering all product lifecycle management needs.

Built into Teamcenter X are numerous preconfigured PLM solutions for all types of manufacturing from semiconductor and medical device manufacturers to individual component manufacturers. Prescriptive solutions are built into Teamcenter X to help businesses get started faster and compete with industry leaders.

Already customers are accelerating their digital transformation with Teamcenter X:   

Company Name: eNovates

Industry: E-mobility charging station manufacturer

Customer Challenge: Rapidly changing technologies, regulations and customer requirements in the EV market

Solution: A fully integrated software ecosystem was needed for improved file, release, product lifecycle and task management with solutions for mechanical, electrical and electronic design

“Since we are growing rapidly, there is a need for structure in processes and tools. That is why we are currently implementing Teamcenter X.”

– Stijn Vispoel, R&D Manager, Enovates

Company Name: Simple Energy

Industry: Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer

Customer Challenge: A fast, flexible cloud deployment was needed that easily scales with company growth

Solution: Teamcenter X offered a strong digital foundation that serves all the company’s e-mobility solutions

Siemens Teamcenter X, a cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management Software as a Service innovation platform, is the preferred choice for leading EV OEMs of the world.”

-Simple Energy

Company Name: Saildrone

Industry: Manufacturer of unmanned surface vehicle (USVs)

Customer Challenge: A startup that focuses on product innovation with limited resources to manage an IT infrastructure

Solution: Teamcenter X gave the company the resources it needed to focus on business success and state-of-the-art innovation

“We spend a lot less time doing clerical work … so we are able to go from an idea, to prototype, to manufacturing much more quickly having it all in Teamcenter X.”

-Andrew Schultz, Chief Technology Officer

Tap into Siemens Xcelerator as a service for all your SaaS needs

These are indeed exciting times. And there’s no question the Siemens and AWS strategic collaboration is helping businesses and industries transform the everyday. One of the best ways to take advantage of Siemens SaaS solutions is to tap into Siemens Xcelerator as a service portfolio of cloud computing and SaaS offerings. Not only does the Siemens Xcelerator as a service portfolio offer a variety of software and services – it includes an ecosystem of partners to assist your every need.

There is no better time to move into the SaaS lane with Siemens and Teamcenter X! Take Teamcenter X out for a free test drive now!

Learn more about the Siemens and AWS collaboration here.

Scott Salzwedel is a senior communications and technology writer for Siemens Digital Industries Software. In addition to blogs, Scott authors numerous articles, white papers, videos and various other types of communication relating to AWS and the digital transformation. He also created and hosted the podcast series “Talking Aerospace Today.” A new podcast series “Cloud Talk Today” will be launching in the upcoming months.

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