How Vanti Analytics Is Using Big Data to Redefine Early Fault Detection

Co-authored by Tovi Yadin of Siemens Digital Industries Software and Natali Gutner of Vanti Analytics.

If you work in manufacturing, you know how critical early fault detection can be, and how much waste faulty units can create. But how can manufacturers detect faults early in the process? What is the best way to utilize existing manufacturing data?

Industry 4.0 has transformed the traditional manufacturing process. Think about it like this: If Industry 3.0 computerized manufacturing, Industry 4.0 is making manufacturing smart by harnessing big data to achieve big insights and big outcomes. Because there is no shortage of data in manufacturing. The challenge is making that data usable, and extracting business value from it.

That’s where early fault prediction comes into play. It provides powerful prediction analytics that transform existing data into an accurate system that can detect faults faster and more accurately.

Why Early Fault Prediction Is the Answer to Manufacturing’s Big Data Problem

The manufacturing process is more complex than ever before. Increased demand, component complexity, and strict regulatory requirements leave no room for error.

Predictive analytics is a modern solution to this long-time problem, leveraging data to identify potential problems early in the manufacturing process. It is a revolutionary method in manufacturing, which usually focuses on optimizing production using a step-by-step process.

Early fault prediction lets companies increase throughput and identify anomalies as early as possible to eliminate waste and improve efficiency in later stages of production. It also gives teams actionable insights into why production issues are occurring, by focusing on measurable data, rather than analyzing the process.

It’s clear that predictive analytics are the ideal solution for companies looking to generate value from their existing data. But what does it take to implement predictive analytics in your production line?

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How Companies Are Using Vanti Analytics to Unlock Massive Value

Machine learning (ML) requires data. But what type of data, and using what models? And how can you leverage predictive analytics to reach your outcomes?

Vanti Analytics has created a simple framework and dataset prerequisites that have allowed many of our clients to unlock the full potential of machine learning. Vanti’s early false detection provides deep insights into all areas of the manufacturing process, enabling manufacturers to:

  • Quickly predict how many units will pass and fail in a later stage.
  • Identify the root cause of failure with pinpoint-precision.
  • Automate or maintain complete control of the approval process.

How does it work?

Predictive analytics may seem incredibly complicated if you haven’t used it in the past, but the process can actually be completed in a matter of hours. By collecting data from early stages in the process, we can accurately predict the final status of the produced item.

Vanti Analytics goes above and beyond to support customers, working with them to build initial models that demonstrate value within days.

Vanti Analytics is working with Siemens to provide predictive analytics solutions for electronics manufacturing. Through the Valor Micro-Solutions initiative, Vanti provides a set of AI-based applications that are independent of MES. Easy-to-deploy and SAAS-platform-based, they bring manufacturers closer to autonomous manufacturing.

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