Modern Obstacles of Automotive Electronics Manufacturing in Digital Age

By Anand Balakrishna

Innovation in electronics is enabling rapid growth of all electronics segments such as automotive, consumer, industrial and strategic electronics. This is well reflected in the automotive electronics industry. Today’s car will have more than 50 electronic systems just for monitoring and controlling purposes, as well as additional electronic systems such as engine electronics, driver assistance, infotainment, passenger comfort and many more.

Electronics manufacturers are struggling to meet customers demand for faster new product introductions (NPIs), flawless quality, personalized and customized products and internet connectivity. As manufacturers attempt to meet these expectations, they must also manage the increased complexity of today’s advanced design and manufacturing practices.

Key Obstacles

  • Organizational boundaries with poor technical integrations
  • No / limited access to data from all machines & process in the shopfloor
  • Silos of different engineering tools for DFM, Stencil design, PCB assembly, test, inspection & EWI
  • Increased supply-chain complexity and global fragmentation of production and demand
  • Poor / no control or traceability over the process, quality & closed-loop feedback
  • Increased frequency of product innovation

To overcome these obstacles, electronics manufacturers must quickly adopt the Shift-left development model to identify and correct the defects at the earliest stage possible. This can be achieved by implementing “Digital Twin” practices. Digital twin models will enable to mimic real-life model into the virtual model so one can simulate the effect of changes in a safe environment without affecting the physical product.

Siemens Digital Twin

Siemens Smart Manufacturing for Electronics portfolio enables electronics manufacturers to address the obstacles of modern manufacturing in the digital age. By leveraging Siemens’ digitalization technologies companies can eliminate physical prototypes and disconnected silos of information, enabling a continuous, integrated flow from design to planning to production, across individual sites and global enterprises.

What Siemens customers say

  • Automotive Manufacturer:
    • $2.2M excess inventory reduction
    • 20% reduction in obsolescence
    • 30% production efficiency increase
  • Industrial Equipment Manufacturer:
    • Reduced line setup time by 70%
    • Increased machine uptime by 50%
    • Gained Annual savings of $1.4M
  • Telecom Manufacturer:
    • Eliminated shop-floor storage areas
    • 15% reduction in SMT inventory
    • 100% increase in operator efficiency

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