Valor Parts Library: What You Need to Know

By Guy Shoshany

Are you familiar with the Valor Parts Library? Whether you are experienced with VPL or this is your first exposure, I’d like to invite you to download this white paper, published recently, which provides valuable insight and knowledge.

DFM analysis depends heavily on the parts data for the design. VPL is a critical component for performing manufacturability analysis that results in better quality PCBs, which can be readily manufactured. No other component library available contains anywhere near the number of parts that have complete geometric representation within VPL.

VPL addresses many of the industry’s challenges, and it is an important tool in the design-to-manufacturing flow. Coupling VPL with Valor NPI DFM software lets you run comprehensive manufacturability analyses during all stages of the design to detect errors at the earliest possible stage. Discovering and correcting issues that can potentially exceed the project budget and/or miss schedule deadlines not only saves time and money that would be spent re-spinning the board, it also allows your company to recognize revenue on the product much earlier.

Hopefully, I have whetted your appetite – download the Valor Parts Library enhances DFM for designing better quality PCBs white paper now!

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