Balancing sustainability demands in the aviation industry – Webinar

On September 13, 2022, the Aviation Week Network will be hosting a webinar in which Todd Tuthill, Vice President for Aerospace and Defense Strategy and Marketing at Siemens Digital Industries Software, will be speaking about the demands the aviation industry must meet when designing sustainable aircraft. These demands will need to be balanced against existing constraints surrounding product design, aircraft systems, production, and other aspects of the development process. Tuthill will also discuss how companies can leverage the power of the digital ecosystem to address these demands.

This webinar comes at a crucial time as the effects of climate change become more apparent with each passing year, spurring efforts to transform industrial sectors to become more sustainable. The decarbonization of the transportation industry is key for this transformation since it accounts for approximately 24% of global carbon dioxide emissions. While air travel accounts for only 12% of transportation emissions (about 2% of global emissions), every initiative toward a greener future counts, and aviation companies across the globe are working to design the next generation of sustainable aircraft. Manufacturers, suppliers, and startups alike are all dedicating resources to reduce air travel emissions by 50% before 2050.

These goals are important, yet they also come with new considerations aviation companies must incorporate into their development processes. Any new system of propulsion, whether it is electric batteries, green hydrogen, or something else, creates new demands and requirements that impact every aspect of an aircraft’s lifecycle. From product design to service to overall infrastructure and everything in between, every aspect of the aviation industry will be affected. For example, electrical and mechanical systems, in addition to airframe and the physical structure of the aircraft will need to be designed in accordance with new energy sources and sustainable design principles. Companies spearheading the effort for sustainable air travel will be responsible for balancing their desire to reduce emissions with these realities.

This balance and the means to achieve it will be the focuses of Tuthill’s webinar. He will be identifying the most critical demands sustainability will require from companies in the aviation industry—such as those outlined above—and how they affect an aircraft’s product development. Other focuses will include the increasing complexity that designing for sustainability will impose on an aircraft, like the integration between new systems and power sources, and how leveraging the digital ecosystem can help organizations meet their product sustainability goals.

Digitalization as a solution to sustainable product design is an especially critical point in the discussion. Using the comprehensive digital twin, a vital technology for companies embracing digitalization, companies can model a product’s entire lifecycle, including the product itself, supply chains, service performances, and more. As outlined in a this blog post, the digital twin can assist in designing emissions-free aircraft by simulating a scalable virtual model aircraft made of fully integrated parts and systems that all stakeholders can access. This reduces costs and increases the flexibility of the development process. Tuthill will explain the finer points of how companies can utilize digitalization in their own processes, as well as solutions offered by Siemens, like the Xcelerator portfolio.

Transitioning an entire industry to support a sustainable future will only work if enough people and companies make a concerted effort to realize that transition. A great way to encourage the industry to adopt sustainable practices is to spread information and describe in-depth the different requirements and methods needed to achieve those goals, like how Tuthill will with his webinar. By identifying and acknowledging the obstacles and complexities to designing sustainable aircraft and their solutions, companies can plan ahead and have an easier time developing a strategy. Anybody involved in the aviation industry or those with an interest sustainability are encouraged to attend this webinar and join Tuthill in the conversation to make our skies cleaner.

The webinar will be hosted by the Aviation Week Network on September 13 at 11:00am EDT/8:00am PDT. Be sure to register here to learn more about the future of sustainable aviation!

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