NVH testing of rotating machinery – webinar

There are several challenges in transmission engineering, including guaranteeing performance and durability, minimizing vibration and noise levels, and reducing weight with lightweight designs.

This webinar discusses how Intelligent Performance Engineering helps predict and reduce gear vibration in rotating machinery. Improving smart machine performance requires multidisciplinary collaboration and simulation across a broad range of physics and disciplines to capture the complexities of various types of physics while enabling multi-physics simulations of domains, including the mechanical, electrical and electronic systems.

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Noise, vibration, and harshness software

In machine performance and workplace safety, there are several requirements related to vibration levels and noise radiation. To understand industrial machinery vibrations, it is essential to identify their origin, which links system gear vibrations.

Modeling gear transmissions is laborious and cumbersome: the transmission system consists of various components such as gears, shafts and bearings. Capturing all relevant effects (misalignment, gear microgeometry, housing flexibility) adds additional complexity for multi-body analysts.

The complexities of industrial equipment are increasing, with leading industrial OEMs finding ways to build more effective and reliable simulations. These simulations are beneficial when modeling laborious and awkward gear transmission systems consisting of various components: gears, shafts and bearings. Subsequently, capturing the relevant effects (misalignment, gear microgeometry, housing flexibility) adds more complexity for a multi-body analyst.

This webinar demonstrates an end-to-end solution designed for motion multi-body expert analysts and designers to address gear transmission noise, vibration and harshness. Learn about creating gear transmission models, the variables affecting transmission error variations, and reducing transmission vibration and noise using 3D multi-body simulation.

Software meeting customer demands

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