Advanced machine engineering – technological innovations driving change (white paper)

It is a daunting task to design, validate and manage innovative, modern manufacturing and assembly machines to attain optimum quality while minimizing cost. 

Advanced machine engineering (AME) combines the digital twin with many collaborating disciplines to develop the machine into a complete solution suite. These sophisticated multidisciplinary designs, which combine the mechanical, electrical and fluids, require an excellent single-source design to respond to the back and forth process between engineering silos.

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Also, most machines require automation code, and advanced machine engineering enables virtual machine simulation by testing the PLC code virtually with a digital machine before physical testing occurs. This process ensures a machine’s performance before installing it on the factory floor, where errors can occur. Therefore, physical testing is now simulated virtually.

Technological innovations and advancements are driving industrial machinery companies to comprehend Industry 4.0, with stunning implications. Some of the following trends that are rewriting the engineering, manufacturing and service operations for machinery suppliers include:

• Consumer-driven customization – Machinery customers need machines that are more flexible and adaptable to an ever-changing product mix, using customized features or functions that require machine builders to innovate rapidly.

• Smart machines – With numerous input/output channels and communication protocols via various wireless networks, there is an astounding increase in information flow, requiring automation code developers to choose optimum channels while building more intelligent machines.

 Hyper automation  Discrete programming enables machine users to gain insights from IoT information. The hyper-automation trend requires large quantities of data and cloud-based analytics to hasten machine behavior learning and performance to automate machine functions. 

Siemens Digital Industries Software drives the transformation to enable a digital enterprise where engineering, manufacturing and electronics design meet tomorrow.

The Xcelerator portfolio helps companies of all sizes create and leverage digital twins that provide organizations with new insights, opportunities, and automation levels to drive innovation.

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