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New white paper and webinar now available: Intelligent manufacturing and product support in the A&D industry

By Aaron Johns

Looking at the changing landscape of the Aerospace and Defense industry, nothing stands out more than the disruptions and innovations surrounding intelligent manufacturing and product support.

Many trends are driving technological advances in this space. Pressures to reduce program cost and schedule, along with the increasing complexity of programs and system integration demands top this list. Requirements for both commercial and defense aerospace products are driving a more complex and global supply chain. Many of those demands are also increasing the electrification of those assets to increase their reliability and improve their overall maintainability.

These trends are driving a large demand surrounding intelligent manufacturing systems and techniques. Closed Loop Manufacturing and Quality solutions are becoming the norm across the digital enterprise. Connecting a digital backbone that spans an enterprise with advanced manufacturing methodologies such as Additive Manufacturing, the entire design/build cycle can now be digitized allowing for advances and innovations across the lifecycle of an asset. Technology is providing the ability to not only have a digital twin of assets, but also digital twins of processes, whether they be production or sustainment. These digital twins allow organizations to better understand how to modernize their processes and facilities digitally before ground is ever broken or equipment is purchased.

Read more about how Siemens solves this complexity for our customers in this joint white paper authored in partnership with Aviation Week. This paper dives deeper into the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio which provides our customers the ability to manage their digital twins across the lifecycle of their products and assets.

To learn more, you can also watch our webinar “The Future of Manufacturing and Product Support.”

Aaron Johns is the Department of Defense Technical Strategy Manager for Siemens Digital Industry Software and has held that role since 2019. Prior to his current role, Aaron was the Technical Account Manager for the United States Navy assisting them with their digital transformation. Prior to joining Siemens, Aaron worked as a Mechanical Designer.

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