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Are electric vehicles the best cars for the environment?

By ToniB

It’s nice to want to be environmentally-friendly. But even the best cars for the environment won’t sell unless they’re economically feasible.

Electric vehicles are gaining support from governments, some of which are insisting on electrification through regulations and standards. Both OEMS and startups are interested in producing electric cars, which will help lead the way to autonomous vehicles.

We recently spoke with Dave Lauzun, vice president of transportation and automotive at Siemens PLM Software, about the environmental benefits of electric car.

“One of the reasons why I’m so passionate about vehicle electrification is this is one of those trends that absolutely has to happen,” Dave said, insisting that the environment depends on electrification.

Dave said he sees the end of the internal combustion coming in the near future when electric vehicles become cheaper to own and operate. He pointed to how studies have shown that electrification reduces our carbon footprint and greater adoption will mean cleaner, greener cities.

In this video, Dave talks about why electric vehicles are the best cars for the environment as well as the environmental benefits of electric cars. 

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