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Electric car engineering needs future-thinking engineers

By ToniB

Electric car engineering will change the entire auto industry, and current and future engineers can prepare for the move toward electrification by becoming the master of many traits.

We  recently spoke with Dave Lauzun, vice president of transportation and automotive at Siemens PLM Software, who said it’s no longer good enough to master mechanical domains, which are traditionally mechanical engineering types of activities.

“You’ve got to also be a master of all the electric domains…and, in addition to that, have a very solid software foundation,” he said.

Automobile engineers will need to possess a thorough understanding in mechanical, electrical and software engineering as almost every device is becoming electromechanical. Everything from cars to shoes can have electromechanical components and connectivity, so engineers well-versed in a diverse set of disciplines can guide the future of electrification.

In this video, Dave discusses the future engineer and what it will take to be an asset in the automobile engineering of electric vehicles.

Watch other videos from our conversation with Dave Lauzun about electric vehicles, where we discuss electric vehicles’ role in this automotive revolution, easing consumer anxiety about electric cars, challenges with electric vehicle technology, electrified fleet vehicles and improved battery life. Stay tuned for more.

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