Tessent at 2022 Automotive Electronics Innovation (AESIN)

Siemens was the headline sponsor of the 2022 Automotive Electronics Innovation (AESIN) conference which took place at the UK’s National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull on 1 September, 2022.

AESIN is an active specialist group facilitating automotive electronics markets from a UK base. The conference featured leading figures in electronics systems innovation, government agencies, and automotive market experts.

With the recent news that the UK government hopes to see autonomous cars on the roads by 2025–and is dedicating £60m of new public funding to help make it happen–groups like AESIN are likely to be more active than ever.

Siemens were represented at AESIN by Lee Harrison, who talked about about how Siemens is innovating to support the rapidly advancing and changing automotive market and introduced the latest in automotive safety and security with Embedded Analytics technologies.

Siemens has tools and flows all along the development path for cars, but also offers PAVE360, an all-encompassing validation and simulation system designed for autonomous vehicle HW and SW development.

Siemens is also a partner is the Secure-CAV collaborative project that aims to improve the safety and security of tomorrow’s connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs).

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