Siemens adds UltraSoC to Tessent for silicon lifecycle managment

Brady Benware
Vice President & GM, Tessent, Mentor, a Siemens Business

We are excited to announce that Siemens plans to integrate UltraSoC’s technology into the Tessent™ software product suite. The addition of UltraSoC to Siemens enables a unified data-driven infrastructure that can enhance product quality, safety and cybersecurity, and the creation of a comprehensive solution to help semiconductor industry customers overcome key pain points including manufacturing defects, software and hardware bugs, device early-failure and wear-out, functional safety, and malicious attacks.

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UltraSoC, founded in 2009 in Cambridge, UK, is a pioneer of the idea of embedding monitoring hardware into complex SoCs to enable “fab-to-field” analytics. Their mission is to ensure that products do what they are designed to do, safely and securely. The UltraSoC instrumentation and analytics put intelligent monitoring, cybersecurity, and functional safety capabilities on-chip, which not only ensures that devices operate “as designed” for functional safety and cybersecurity purposes, but also accelerates silicon bring-up and optimizes product performance. UltraSoC‘s products are widely used in the automotive, high-performance computing, storage, and semiconductor industries.

As part of the digital twin strategy, the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio portfolio includes the Tessent DFT and yield solutions. The UltraSoC technology expands the Xcelerator portfolio and creates data-driven product lifecycle management solutions for SoCs. This makes Siemens first to market with a comprehensive ‘Design for Lifecycle Management’ solution for SoCs, meeting today’s requirements for functional safety, security, and performance enhancement across industries ranging from automotive and factory automation to high-performance computing. The combination of Siemens and UltraSoC technology spans the entire semiconductor product lifecycle, including structural, electrical, and functional capabilities of SoCs.

The UltraSoC technologies that will be integrated into the Tessent platform include:

  • Hardware-based cybersecurity products that provide a new level of defense in depth, detecting, understanding and mitigating cyber threats at hardware speed
  • System-wide monitoring, bring-up, and debug infrastructure that helps development teams ensure their products are as good as they can be
  • Embedded analytics technology to ensure the security and functional safety of automotive SoCs

For UltraSoC Customers, this acquisition accelerates UltraSoC’s vision at a much larger scale with the incredible team, assets, industry know-how, and footprint of Siemens. Being part of one of the world’s foremost technology companies will allow us to better serve UltraSoC customers by accelerating R&D, leveraging a much larger pool of go-to-market resources, and an enormous global infrastructure.

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome the UltraSoC team to Siemens and the Tessent group!

For more details, read the news release.

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