Meet SimuLite’s new features – February 2021

Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work building out new SimuLite features, so you can work faster and more seamlessly. Read on for a glimpse of what you’ll find inside.

1. Import your own data
You can now import your own data—anything from the parts you need to produce to the machines that process those parts or any other 3D objects, such as fences, tables, fixtures, logistics equipment and more—and work with it directly. The data is loaded and stored in your own private library with the utmost security, so only you can access and use it. While JT is currently the only 3D CAD format SimuLite supports, we’re working on more common CAD formats. Stay tuned!

2. Control simulation speed
Choose from a range of simulation speeds—whether you want to run your simulation faster or slow it down. You can even change the speed while the simulation is running. The simulation time is displayed to help you determine the overall process cycle.

3. Change conveyor speed
Want the conveyor belt or rollers to zoom? Need them to slow down? There’s no longer just one fixed conveyor speed. Just head over to the Properties dialog, and choose the speed that works best for you.

4. Don’t let robot reachability slow you down
We know how frustrating it can be to have your simulation to stop in the middle when reachability is off and how tiresome it can be to have to define everything down to the tiniest detail—so we fixed that! Now, when a robot encounters a reachability issue while the simulation is running, the part being grasped by the robot will automatically jump to its expected location, even if you didn’t set it there. For example, if the robot picks up a part from a conveyor in order to place it inside a machine, but can’t reach the machine, the robot will move as close as it can to the machine, the part will jump over to the machine, and the simulation will keep going. In other words, you no longer have to waste precious time defining the precise position and motion. Get the job done quickly—we’ll take care of the engineering details standing in the way.

5. Watch and learn
We’ve created a series of short tutorial videos to help you get started using SimuLite and learn valuable tips and tricks. You can count on new features coming with a tutorial video so you can get to work faster than ever before. You can play the videos from the panels while inside a work cell or the Help area on the dashboard.

Visit Simulite to see these features for yourself!

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