Solid Edge Certification


 Did you know that you can get certified as a Solid Edge Professional? There is also a certification for students. The test recognizes your skill in using Solid Edge to build parts and assemblies. Certification is valuable to users for a number of reasons:

  • show your employer or prospective employer that your skills have reached a recognized level

  • friendly competition with your coworkers or user group members

  • show the rest of the online community your Certification badge

Employers and managers also find certifications valuable:

  • certification can be used as a measurable accomplishment as part of a training program

  • employees with a goal remain more focussed

  • Solid Edge Certification on a resume gives a certain level of confidence in a candidate’s skill level

  • There is a certain esprit de corps among certified users, which helps morale

Students and Educators find similar benefits:

  • certification can be used for educators to assess skills

  • Associate Level II graduates receive free 12 month subscription of Solid Edge Foundation

  • certification adds substance to your first professional resume

Certification is done online, so it’s easy to for everyone to access. You need your own computer, internet connection, and Solid Edge license and about 3 hours to finish the test. The test is nominally $99/$25 for students (keep your eyes open for passes from various Siemens sources). Free certification tests are available to everyone who attends SEU16, where they will even have a study session two hours before the free exam.


The exam for professionals includes modeling parts and assemblies of various complexities from projected view drawings. You are given 3 hours to take the test. The student’s exam is somewhat shorter and simpler. We have a couple hundred users certified already.

To prepare for the exam, use the self-paced library of courses in the Solid Edge Help, or come to SEU where we will be offering a study session. For the professional exam, you should have at least a year of experience using the software, and know how all the feature creation, editing, and PMI tools work.

To get in on the certification action, go to the certification site and get started.


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