Reimagined Space Travel: Space Perspective’s Startup Story

By Lauren Viel

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Meet the world’s first luxury spaceflight experience company, Space Perspective. Have you ever wanted to travel to space but worry you don’t have the experience or don’t want to take off in a rocket? Well at Space Perspective, they want to send everyday people to space in a hot air balloon…kind of.

Space Travel by Balloon

Their advanced spaceballoon is designed to operate in space where Spaceship Neptune flies. The size of a football stadium, the spaceballoon gently flies the capsule for ascent and descent. Your six-hour voyage on Spaceship Neptune, a pressurized, roomy capsule is safe, comfortable, and as simple as boarding an airplane. Drinks are included in the flight too! Launching from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and flown gently by a spaceballoon, a ride on the zero-emissions Spaceship Neptune offers the thrill of space and the comfort of calm.

Taber MacCallum and Jane Poynter, two out of the eight scientists who lived for two years inside the Biosphere 2 dome, co-founded Florida-based Space Perspective in 2019.

Sharing The Astronaut Experience

“The fundamental idea behind Space Perspective is to give the quintessential astronaut experience to as many people as possible. So, if you talk with astronauts about what’s the quintessential experience, you’ll never hear them say, “Oh, it’s the rocket ride,” or “It’s the high speed, hypersonic re-entry.” You don’t even hear much about microgravity and floating around – it sort of becomes characterized as a pain. What you hear is, “Oh, I would spend every minute I possibly could looking out the window, looking at the earth in the context of space, and ideas like the one human family, and all of us on this small planet together, and the scale of the planet,” says MacCallum.

Check out the video below to learn how the team at Space Perspective uses Siemens Software to develop the safest way to travel to space.

Over 450 seats are already reserved and spaceflights for 2024 are sold out. However, you can book your seat now for 2025 & beyond for just $1,000 down on their website. Riding to space on Spaceship Neptune doesn’t require a spacesuit either. In fact, you could wear a wedding dress. “We’ve got families that want to go together. We’ve got couples that want to propose or have their wedding. It’s accessible to life events,” Taber MacCallum said.

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Listen to this episode of Startups: A New Way to Experience Space with Space Perspective to learn how Space Perspective is using Siemens software to create the safest way to travel to space.

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