When the ground shakes, measure building vibrations with LMS SCADAS XS

Our portable LMS SCADAS XS testing solution continues its amazing journey across industries. It is always refreshing to see how customers from different countries and activities use it in some of the most varied and interesting tasks and appreciate its capabilities. Clearly, LMS SCADAS XS is making a worldwide reputation for itself in terms of flexibility, reliability and ease of use when it comes to data acquisition.

protezione blog.jpgWould you be surprised if we told you that the LMS SCADAS XS hardware is also used to collect critical data for building vulnerability assessment in earthquake-prone areas?  In Italy, Protezione Civile, the Italian National Service of the Civil Protection, banks on our small and smart testing solution to make real-time vibration measurements in buildings that must remain up and running in the event of natural disasters.

As such, LMS SCADAS XS travels throughout Italy to help make stronger buildings for the safety of civilians. A nice story we wouldn’t want you to miss. 

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