Simcenter SCADAS XS – Extra Small, Extra Smart solution for NVH

NVH engineers today are under constant pressure to solve NVH problems with fewer resources in less time. It often all starts with a diagnosis of the problem by performing a troubleshooting test. Having a small, easy to use measurement system available at any time has become a must-have. The Simcenter SCADAS XS is that small, portable system that allows to perform NVH testing anywhere, anytime and in full confidence.

No wonder engineers over the whole world get excited over this portable device. SISW STS manager, Ian McGann testifies:


“I always get the “WOW” effect from everyone I show the Simcenter SCADAS XS to. Everybody is impressed that the system is so light and compact, hand-sized really, and can be used wherever you want for so many applications. It allows to connect any type of sensors typically needed for smaller measurement campaigns, such as accelerometers, microphones, GPS, CAN and OBD-II, binaural headset, dual tacho input and others. People find it incredible that they can so easily travel anywhere without the burden of declaring heavy equipment and then share valuable data among colleagues based in different countries. You don’t even have to send your experts in the field to execute the measurement, since with a preconfigured Simcenter SCADAS XS anyone can reliably take measurements. Everyone finds various benefits to this device because it is so easily adaptable: whether they use a surface pro running Simcenter Testlab or an Android tablet, it really addresses everyone’s needs and preferences. The Simcenter SCADAS XS is all about data acquisition made easy.”

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