See how NST use Femap to deliver high value to customers through simulation expertise

By AlRobertson

Numerical Simulation Tech Co. (NST) examines how structures perform under expected loads with the help of Femap. For more than 20 years NST’s specialist computer-aided engineering (CAE) engineers have served customers and provided analysis services to a wide range of businesses and research institutes. Since the early 1990s when use of the personal computer began allowing analysis work to be undertaken without requiring large and expensive computers, NST has used Femap to provide analysis services to its customers.  NST believes that regardless of how advanced or precise analysis tools are, if the appropriate functions cannot be used in the appropriate way then correct analysis will not be possible. To illustrate how solutions analysis can provide high value across a variety of applications, NST has created and published numerous case studies.


Simulation of vibration and sloshing of liquid storage tanks subject to seismic motion using Femap

The many case studies illustrate the wide variety of analysis services that NST has completed. From seismic analyses that show the devastating impact that earthquakes can have on structures, to use of Femap’s application programming interface (API) to automate simulation of the vibrational characteristics of ultra-sonic dental scalars thereby speeding up the simulation process by approximately 20 times.

You can read the full case study to see more NST case studies and how NST delivers high value to customers through simulation expertise.   

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