Deploy system simulation with Simcenter Webapp Server


Meet Albert: Albert has worked with Simcenter Amesim for 2 years. He is working right now on a project which is meant to be re-used company-wide. Once his model is created and validated, it will be used by people who have never used Simcenter Amesim. They might need to adapt some parameters based on specific customer needs and be able to give good information to their customers. Albert thinks about programming a dedicated Excel sheet using Visual Basic, so that they can access a simplified user interface where they only need to change parameters and get results. Yes, that’s possible but Albert needs to know someone who is able to program in Visual Basic. Albert wishes there would be a simpler way to share models with these guys, define parameters and variables of interest, and let them work easily.

Simcenter-Webapp-Server-Collaboration.jpegMeet Joseph: Joseph needs to get access to these Simcenter Amesim models. Albert prepared an Excel worksheet for him but it seems Joseph needs a full Simcenter Amesim installation on his computer. He also needs to open a ticket to his IT because the license server is not configured. He comes to the conclusion that he had better ask Albert to quickly run a simulation with a specific set of parameters and send back the results as soon as possible, as the customer is waiting for feedback. Joseph wishes he could depend less on Albert and his colleagues and get an instant access to the results he needs.

Meet Frank: Frank is an IT administrator, he sets everything up so that Simcenter Amesim is deployed in Albert’s department, but Joseph has never needed it until now. He is questioning the reason why he opened a ticket for installing a license server on his machine? He thinks it is simpler to deploy a full Simcenter Amesim installation on Joseph’s laptop the next time he will be in the office. Frank wishes he could allow both groups to collaborate more efficiently without having to deploy the simulation software to people who are not supposed to use it.

Simcenter-Webapp-Server.pngThis story is pure fiction but totally relates to some specific needs our customers already expressed. As we’re strongly committed to answering our users’ needs, we are proud to introduce you to our new product, Simcenter Webapp Server.

This web-based solution will enable collaborative work between different departments within an organization. By re-using Simcenter Amesim watch parameters and watch variables, it will allow Albert to quickly make a validated model available for Joseph and his colleagues. With a simplified web-based user interface, it will allow Joseph to quickly access the important information that matters to him: the model, the parameters and the results. And it will provide Frank with a centralized installation of the server.

As a conclusion,

  • Albert can share his models independently

  • Joseph can access and run them directly from his browser

  • With the on-premises installation, the IP never leaves the company

For more information on Simcenter Webapp Server, watch our video:

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