Announcing the Semi-THERM 2019 Educational Foundation Thermal Hall of Fame Award Recipient

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We are lucky to work with some very talented individuals at Siemens PLM Software but it’s not every day that you learn that you’ve been working with an industry legend.

So it is my great pleasure to announce that one of our colleagues, Dr. Márta Rencz, received the SEMI-THERM Educational Foundation Thermal Hall of Fame Award for 2019 on Thursday March 21st.  The Lifetime Achievement Award honors her significant contributions in the field of electronics thermal management.

Dr. Rencz is a research director with our Mentor, a Siemens Business, thermal characterization hardware group (previously known as MicReD).

Her illustrious career includes many achievements:

  • Electrical Engineering, Doctor in Engineering, and PhD degrees from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics where she also serves as a professor. From 2005 to 2013, she also served as the Head of Department of Electron Devices at the university.
  • Doctor of Science degree from the Hungarian Academy of Science in the field of Microelectronics.
  • Co-founder and ex-CEO of MicReD.
  • In 1992, she launched the THERMINIC EU research project that has led to the THERMINIC workshops, focusing on thermal issues in electronics and providing a forum for thermal management experts. Today, she is the chair of the steering committee for the organization.
  • Published her theoretical and practical findings in over 300 technical papers, and has served as the guest editor for over ten scientific journals on thermal management in electronics.
  • Recipient of the Harvey Rosten Award for Excellence in the Physical Design of Electronics (2001).
  • Recipient of the Doctor Honoris Causa degree from the Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia (2013).
  • Recipient of the Allan Krauss Thermal Management Award of ASME (2015).

I should also add that Dr. Rencz is the first female recipient of this award. It is indeed an honor to be working with one of the industry’s major scientific minds and we look forward to seeing your future contributions to the industry.

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