Simcenter Testlab 18: Boost efficiency with interactive analysis

2018-11-05 15_57_49-.pngSimcenter Testlab Interactive Analysis

The most precious resource for a test engineer is often his time.

Imagine yourself in a situation where you need to:

  • quickly investigate an interesting phenomenon

  • rapidly process data

  • process channels differently

  • clean measured data

All those seemingly quick tasks can rapidly consume your working time, as it is easier said than done. If you dream of a tool that could help you perform fast analyses efficiently, at any time and in a dynamic way, look no further. The Interactive Analysis functionality in Simcenter Testlab Neo was made for you. 

The key to efficiency is flexible processing. This Interactive Analysis functionality can help you process acquired data more rapidly in order to proactively steer investigations in the right direction, helping you reduce the time spent finding the causes of problems.

Let me walk you through a couple of examples:

Say you need to differentiate channels. While measuring displacements with a string potentiometer, you obtain traces expressed in distance units, but you need to know the velocity instead. Just select the channels that you would like to differentiate, click the “differentiate processing” button and the results will be readily available.

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Do you need to perform multiple calculations in a sequence?

Watch in the video below how I perform a low-pass filtering, followed by a scaling process (which multiplies the trace by a constant, changing the y-axis values), while still having the option to fine-tune processing parameters. Easy, right?

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Now, let’s imagine that during a measurement some artefacts appear in the measured data—for instance, unwanted spikes in a measurement trace, caused by your test vehicle accidentally driving on a road bump. How would you remove them? A simple time editing process would help in cleaning your data by removing unwanted spikes manually.

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Now, let me explain how the Interactive Analysis can add even more flexibility to the Simcenter Testlab Process Designer functionality. When we use Process Designer, a complete set of channels is typically processed as a run. In that case, the same processing is applied to all channels in the set. The Interactive Analysis method makes it possible to define a different processing function for each channel separately or to perform some extra processing on a few selected channels. Note that the  applied processing  can be a simple calculation or a sequence of calculations (as in the previous example, a low-pass filtering followed by a scaling processing).

How do you do that?

First, create an Interactive Analysis method, then double-click on it to find the Interactive Analysis user interface. Select a channel from the channel set, and finally, apply the extra processing on that channel only.

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Can processes built in Simcenter Testlab Process Designer run in Simcenter Testlab Interactive Analysis? Yes, they can. Both processing applications work hand in hand.

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Discover the Simcenter Testlab Interactive Analysis capabilities by yourself in Simcenter Testlab 18.


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