Simcenter Amesim, an educational tool used at Purdue University

Getting the best qualified engineers can be a lever for businesses to stay competitive. This is why engineering students must learn and develop their technical skills to prepare for labor market challenges. And for most companies, innovation is one of the keys to staying competitive, which means as well that delivering new products in a shorter development time is essential. One way of addressing these challenges is to opt for model-based systems engineering and move to the simulation design of the system.

Andrea Vacca, an associate professor at Purdue, a high-ranking public university in engineering sciences in the United States, and teaching both undergraduate and undergraduate courses in fluid mechanics and fluid energy technology, says that “simulation of the system will definitely constitute the basis of engineering design.” Thus, as an educational tool, Andrea Vacca uses the Simcenter Amesim Academic Bundle to allow students to build and understand the behavior of simple hydraulic systems. This helps students apply their knowledge about fluid power to these projects.

Indeed, Andrea Vacca explains that “students of my courses also use the software for their homework and they can also download the Simcenter Amesim Student Edition. It also allows us to address problems of a certain complexity. This would not be possible without software such as Simcenter Amesim. “

Read the full article on the use of the Simcenter Porfolio at the Maha Fluid Power Research Center (Purdue University) on fluid power applications.


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