NX Case Study: VOP CZ

Choosing NX CAE was logical, says R&D director Pavel Mikundar, because the DAPPER 5000 required finite element analysis (FEA) calculations for strength assessments in complex control scenarios, and those calculations had to be fully integrated with Teamcenter. 

NX CAE for DAPPER 5000.png


Improve product development efficiency

Facilitate data integration

Create accurate calculations

Keys To Success:

Achieve technical perfection

Facilitate innovation

Expand into new product areas


Achieved virtually seamless product development integration across operations

Successfully introduced new products, including delivering greater innovation and quality

Significantly enhanced connection between design and logistics

Substantially improved accuracy of technical documentation


Industrial Machinery & Heavy Equipment

Client’s Primary Business:

VOP CZ develops, manufactures and supplies military equipment and civilian products. It provides military equipment and systems, including upgrade, refurbishing and repair services, to the Czech Republic Army and international customers, and equipment to manufacturers of construction and road-building machines worldwide.




Solid Edge


Client Location:

Šenov u Nového Jičína
Czech Republic

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