Getting started – Mechanics and vibrations

Let’s consider a car with its suspensions. If the suspensions are only acting as springs, the car oscillates perpetually! Thus, it is necessary to integrate some damping in the suspensions to soften the oscillations. So:

  • How to size this damping system allowing passengers’ comfort?

  • What is the impact of the vehicle mass and suspension stiffness on the natural frequency of the system?

With our free response of a basic mass spring system tutorial we want to make possible to identify the natural pulsation of a system with one degree of freedom, and help you to better understand and visualize the impact of the damping ratio on the oscillations within Simcenter Amesim Student Edition. This basic knowledge can be transferred to any vibratory problem you’re facing.

You want to go deeper into details using Simcenter Amesim Student version? Discover all out tutorials on the 1D knowledge base.

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