Get back to basics: fundamentals of vibration engineering

If you read those lines, you might be familiar with our Simcenter product portfolio. You might be seeking for more in-depth information about your favorite engineering theme, you might be only curious about what’s out there in terms of innovations. Why get back to the basics?

We all feel we know it and yet: what about getting back to the roots of vibration engineering? Wouldn’t it feel good to spare a few minutes and wrap up the essentials? Why is vibration engineering so important? What do SDOF and MDOF stand for? How do you measure and calculate acceleration, velocity and displacement?

If this is not your field of engineering expertise, if your student skills are long forgotten, if you’re in pain to explain it simply to colleagues or to your children, take or share our “Fundamentals of vibration” webinar today. It’s free, it’s online, it’s available when and where you want.

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