Engineer the world of tomorrow… with the right academic software!

Would you cook without a proper set of pots, pans, and saucers? Would you garden without a spade and a rake?

Properly exercising a profession or a hobby is not only a matter of displaying the right skillset. Having the right tools at hand to perform the task is equally important.

For too long, the universities were considered the place where the young generation would first acquire general theoretical knowledge and apply it only later when entering the job market. Modern universities are different: they know that learning is doing, and they teach their students not only the theory but also the practice of the studied sciences.

For those universities, it is more important than ever to own the right toolsets for applied sciences. This includes fit-for-purpose, up-to-date software and hardware. Yet, we all know that educational budget is limited and universities are struggling to acquire the latest software on the market.

Siemens PLM Software is committed to empowering the next generation of digital talent with the skills employers need. Its academic partner program empowers many future engineers and technologists at academic institutions.

The University of Aachen (RWTH) is one a Siemens PLM’s academic partners. Two research laboratories of the university welcomed our editorial team and told the story of how they use Simcenter Testing Solutions in their research activities.


Simcenter offers a set of dedicated academic bundles, combining the best of Simcenter Testing Solutions. These academic bundles let professors and students alike experience the best of Simcenter Testlab, Simcenter Testxpress or Simcenter Tecware to achieve their testing objectives. 

Designed for testing efficiency and optimal ease-of-use, the academic bundles offer the same advantages as the widely recognized industry solutions, with a minimal learning curve and optimal productivity. They can be combined with the portfolio of data acquisition systems, Simcenter SCADAS Mobile or Simcenter SCADAS XS. The range of data acquisition systems covers all types of noise, vibration, durability testing and engineering tasks in the lab or in the field.


Read here the full story on how the RWTH uses Simcenter Testing Solutions to help educate, research, innovate.

Learn more about the Siemens PLM academic programs.

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