3M India – Building light materials with LMS Testing Solutions

How to make lighter (and hence more fuel efficient) cars without increasing the noise and vibration level? On the other hand, how to improve noise and vibration on a vehicle without affecting other performances? And finally, with all the modern requirements in the automotive segment and the official regulations, how  to design light, soundproof car components while maintaining a good balance on cost, safety, exhaust emissions, efficiency and quality? Sounds like a complex challenge for the OEMs.


Innovation demands adaptation. Using expert advice from the Siemens PLM Software engineers as well as adapted LMS Testing Solutions, 3M in India, Bangalore opened their own R&D center. The purpose was to study the acoustic characteristics of the materials they produce and thus create a better offer for the market. And ever since they’ve been working with our products, they were able to extend their services from customized assessment and advice complete systems.

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