Teamcenter SLM: The Silver Bullet Driving Optime Subsea’s Success

By Rajvi Vaidya

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, staying ahead means more than just keeping up with the competition; it means adapting new ways to innovate and simplify complex processes. Optime Subsea is doing just that.

Mr. John Pastor, Vice President Quality Management Systems from Optime Subsea realizes the importance of keeping accurate records and driving efficient production in their ETO operations. Siemens Xcelerator’s Teamcenter SLM software is key to the success of these initiatives, helping to gather design and manufacturing records, create as-maintained physical twins, and update records based on maintenance.

Learn more about how Optime Subsea is leveraging Teamcenter Service Lifecycle Management. View the CIMdata ebook Accelerate Servitization to Achieve Competitive Advantage.

  • Optime Subsea uses Teamcenter SLM to create and maintain digital twins of their products, ensuring accurate records from design to maintenance.
  • Leveraging digital twins and supplier collaboration, Optime Subsea optimizes their value chain, promoting innovation and streamlining processes.
  • With accurate records and high-quality products, Optime Subsea enhances customer confidence and loyalty, solidifying their reputation as a reliable industry leader.

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