Welcome to the Realize LIVE Community

Resized Realize Live logo.pngWelcome to the new Realize LIVE community!

This Realize LIVE community was created to provide a dedicated space for exchanging ideas, information and best practices that enable you to lead in your industry and achieve customer success. In the same thread the Realize LIVE 2019 Detroit event will bring together users, partners, and industry thought leaders for education, networking, and training.

The ultimate goal of this event is to bolster a connected user community with opportunities to learn, grow, and optimize the software you already have—all to realize innovation.

By sparking moments of realization–whether it’s realizing collaboration, realizing how to get more from your software, realizing digitalization, realizing a solution–this event is here to help you realize something you never thought possible. No matter where you currently are in your journey, Realize LIVE is here to help move you forward toward success.

We recognize that you are a big part of that success and we want your feedback. As we plan Realize LIVE 2019 Detroit, we need your expertise on what you want to see included on the agenda.

Please help us achieve this objective by sharing your presentation ideas here. We will use these ideas to evaluate the submissions from the Call for Presentations, which will be opening soon.

We look forward to your participation. Help us Realize the future!

Best regards,

Erin Wander

Realize LIVE Community Manager


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