The New Imperative of Digital Transformation

All around the world, we’re working from our homes and visiting friends via teleconferences. We’re embracing telehealth, ordering online, educating our children digitally, and even enjoying museums from a menu of screens.

No longer just forecasting a digital future, we’re living it. And so, the digital transformation that was once a strategic objective is now an exigent imperative.

Businesses with a strong digital strategy in place — combined with a commitment to fast-tracking its implementation — are better positioned to succeed in this new normal. Those that lack such a readiness for digital transformation risk getting left behind.

For that reason, Realize LIVE Europe comes at just the right time. Realize LIVE Europe, the virtual edition is happening 3-4 Nov. You can register now for two days of online sessions including thought-leadership keynotes, user experiences, best practice and hands-on training.  Users talking to users, with many world leading companies participating. Choose from 11 experiences and over 180+ sessions, you can personalize your experience around what matters most, and its free to attend!

This digital experience is designed to ensure that you are not only early adopters of best-in-class digital transformation tools, but you are efficient and proficient in their use. You’ll learn about product innovations that can optimize your business, you’ll hear how your peers are solving problems similar to your own, and you’ll fortify the connections that will support you in adapting to a world where almost every customer touchpoint is a digital one. 

You’ll learn how to apply these and other of-the-moment insights, as you navigate your business’s path to digital transformation.

Realize LIVE Europe is offering a digital space for change, human-centered approaches, creativity and innovation, and ultimately, digital transformation. Here are the reasons why attending Realize LIVE Europe can stimulate how you address your business problems of tomorrow, today:

  • The pace of change has long been accelerating. But what was once swift is now an all-out sprint.

To win in such a sprint requires speed and intensity alike. Expertise is critical, of course, but so too are the agility and bravery to identify emergent opportunities and make bold choices.

At Realize LIVE Europe, a global user community will support you in navigating those choices, while keeping a laser-focus on your desired outcomes and targeted timelines.

  • Successful transformation must be fueled by a human-centered approach.

Design thinking alone won’t ensure businesses thrive in a post-pandemic world, but it’s a wise place to start.

Customers’ preferences, processes, and pain points have in many ways been wholly upended these past few months. Once-in-a-lifetime (we hope) moments like these create fertile ground for transformations that are vast in scope and human-centric in design.

At Realize LIVE Europe, you’ll hear from Siemens experts, customers, and partners, who will share their views on human-centric design and help you identify fresh solutions that purposefully benefit your customers for both short- and long-term goals.

  • Putting ideas into action makes sustainable solutions possible.

Customers today expect every company to offer the hyper-personalized, ultra-efficient “Amazon experience.” This spring, such an expectation was elevated to a veritable mandate.

In your business, how can you innovate with the scale and scope to meet customers’ needs in the short-term when the associated investment means you need to see benefits for the long-term?

In short, get going. Take this moment of urgency as a push to test your ideas and experiments in the real world. Seek feedback from a forward-thinking and ultra-connected user community and learn from stumbles — yours and others’ — along the way.

Digital transformation is good for business — but it’s also good for the global community.

At Realize LIVE, you’ll learn about the latest products, tools, and solutions, while also benefiting from inter- and intra-industry connections and collaboration. The experience will empower you to drive your business forward during these unprecedented times.

These times, however, call for more than just driving your business forward; they call for using digital transformation for the greater good, whenever and however you can.

It’s why Siemens has made many of its solutions available without cost, in the face of COVID-19. It’s why we’ve applied the power of our ecosystem to create innovative solutions for global issues including everything from sustainability to the current crisis.  

And it’s why we’re making Realize LIVE Europe completely free, so more attendees than ever will have the tools and solutions to fast-track their digital transformation for a post-pandemic world.

Register now for your complimentary passes.

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