Industry Pro Series

Learn from Industry Subject Matter Experts in master class and panel interview formats about best practices and cutting edge tools in total product lifecycle management.


Seasons 1 – 5 available now!

Season 6: Intelligent Design Control coming soon…

Season 1 coming this Fall…

In these series, learn the Digital Threads that connect product design, development, manufacturing, postmarket surveillance, and quality.

Digital Thread 1: Intelligent Design Control
Apply advanced digital systems to manage libraries of external standards (ISO, ASTM, etc), leverage reuse and branching to automatically populate design controls and risks in NPI, and embrace full traceability by intelligently building purposeful data models.

Digital Thread 2: Design Excellence
Collaborative authoring applications are only part of a good design process. Take control of all aspects of design through use of digital product twins: reduce physical testing, design better parts before a prototype is fabricated, apply multi-physics simulations to complex systems. Bring all design activities together in one product lifecycle management tool.

Digital Thread 3: Operational Excellence
Bring your manufacturing to the next level through digital production, plant, and process twins. Plan every process, station, and the full manufacturing line using process and plant simulations. Leverage live feedback loops in a connected plant to identify stations and processes trending out-of-spec before a non-conformance report is necessary.

Digital Thread 4: Postmarket Surveillance
Collect critical KPIs from field deployed products to proactively manage product risk before a complaint or adverse event is reported. Use advanced analytics to monitor time-series and enterprise-level data in the same dashboard.

Digital Thread 5: Closed Loop Quality Management
Apply a cross-platform Quality System that is data-driven rather than document-driven while employing tools that manage compliance and adapt to the evolving regulatory landscape.