ROAD TRIP! “Super Dave” and the Polar Bear Bike head for customer shops across the USA

LOOK! Out on the highway! It’s a Polar Bear… it’s a Big Beemer Bike… no, it’s Super Systems Engineer David Merrill on his 4th annual road trip to call on Polarion customers across the USA!

For the 4th year in a row, Polarion’s Director of Technical Services David Merrill is headed cross-country on his BMW-345 motorcycle to visit users of Polarion’s application lifecycle management, medical device, and automotive solutions. He made the mistake of telling us far too much about how much fun his previous road trips were, so this year we’re going to tag along… and so can you!


David MerrillSystems Engineer by trade, Motorcycle Rider by passion, Dave Merrill has combined them both to devise the world’s most fun… and productive… way to call on Polarion customers and prospects.

“Customers love it when I arrive on site astride my big white BMW bike all decked out in my riding gear,” says Dave. “I really love the chance to visit Polarion’s rapidly expanding customer base here in the U.S. And when it comes to my sales calls, well, let’s just say this beats PowerPoint in a conference room any day!”

You just might spot David zooming around in your city, so keep your eyes peeled for a white BMW motorcycle labeled “Polarion Road Trip 2014” and David himself, who will be sporting a riding jacket emblazoned with various logo patches he’ll receive from customers throughout his trip. (You DO have logo patches at your company, DON’T YOU?)


Don’t miss the further adventures of Super Systems Engineer and the Polar Bear BMW Bike. Here’s what’s coming your way soon:

  • Web cam feeds from the road

  • Updates here on the Polarion Blog

  • Podcast interviews with real-world Polarion users

  • “Where’s the Bear?” map, where you can follow David’s route

  • Links to pics and videos from people who’ve spotted Dave on the road

  • Who knows? There may be a few “Tales of the Unexpected”!

And last but not least… a chance for you to have David and The Bike visit your shop.

Request a visit from David Merrill now!

Polarion Road Trip 2014

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