Daimler qualified Polarion as RM Tool for ReqIF Collaboration

To manage the increasing complexity and standards on availability in the automotive industry the Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) has established itself as a standard for the communication between suppliers.

To collaborate via ReqIF files, special tools are needed. As a holistic approach of Mercedes-Benz’ well-known brand message „the best or nothing”, the automotive manufacturer Daimler has created a qualifying process on RM tools to ensure a smooth workflow. We are very proud to announce that we are qualified and now officially on the list of „the best”!

So if you are a supplier and want to work with Daimler or any other admired automotive manufacturer, Polarion should be your tool of choice. If you already have another tool in use that is not on the list of the qualified RM tools, Polarion the fast and easy solution to close this gap since it is cloud-based and a low-cost alternative for your special needs.

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