Polarion Performance & Scalability: Polarion scales to the Enterprise!

Testing is essential during software development is essential to ensure the usability in the daily use of the customer. Therefore, every Polarion software version is submitted to load test scenarios as a mandatory part of the release verification. Our latest Polarion 22 R1 was put again through its paces to ensure you reliable performance and scalability. This is important since a quick response time is crucial for a good user experience, especially in big companies where a huge number of common operations are being executed daily.

Today we would like to share some insights into our latest performance test. It contains common operations like daily routine operations, and import/export speed.

Testing scenario:
– Repository with 20 million work items with links, attachments, rich-text content and the complete history
– 3.000 concurrent user in different roles performing roughly 200.000 operations
– Steady load with a steeped user ramp-up during the first hour

The results are excellently in terms of stability and speed. We are proud of a verified rock-stable performance.

What does it mean for you if you are looking for an Application Lifecycle Management solution?

Polarion creates references linked to a work item instead of a duplicate. This leads to a many times less amount of work items and data than with the common approach in the market of creating duplicates. By reducing work items in the repository and concurrently executing the performance test with a very high amount of work items, we are able to guarantee the performance of Polarion in every company with high-complex projects.

If you are interested in specific information like times for creating, opening and saving work items and a lot more, feel free to contact us using our contact form!

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