Painless dental self-repair? What's not to like!

Ever on the lookout for tidbits in cyberspace that relate to our core solution areas, we came across this encouraging article about a new tooth decay treatment device that allows teeth to repair themselves painlessly without drilling or injections:

Are we ready for this? Does a polar bear like ice floes?

Whenever an innovative medical technology comes along, there are usually devices involved. And those devices will have to meet rigorous product safety standards and regulations. Managing the development of innovative new medical devices to ensure regulatory and standards compliance throughout the lifecycle is a tough job. More and more medical device developers, including leaders like Sirona, are discovering that Polarion’s application lifecycle, test management, and medical device solutions relieve the pain of managing complex development processes and achieving compliance.

Anyone who has ever been “drilled and filled” will be eagerly awaiting new technologies and devices like this one being developed at London’s Kings College. Have you heard about any other cool medical device innovations recently? If so, why not share it in a comment?

Medical device solutions by Polarion

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