Find Out About the Business Benefits of Unified Test and Quality Management

By marc.detmers

If you live in a world where improvements to processes and organizational changes are no longer sufficient to meet the mandate of improved quality, governance and compliance in today’s complex development environments, you need a good working understanding of the benefits of a unified approach to test and quality management.

Looking into business best practices across Polarion’s customer base worldwide, we’ve been able to collect a lot of great information that we’ve compiled into a new white paper called Accelerate Integrity with Unified Test and Quality Management.

This free resource outlines why engaging collaborators early and in context provides a clear path forward and helps uncover issues before defects occur, as well as how easy access to previous work products, combined with fully linked variant and change management, can bring your quality assurance efforts to the next level.

To learn about the value of contextual testing and quality assurance facilitated by bi-directional traceability and a single data repository, and how you can give all stakeholders access to the information and functionality they need to succeed, download your personal copy today.

Whitepaper: Accelerate Integrity with Unified Quality Management

Accelerate Integrity with Unified Test and Quality Management
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