A Promising Venture: The Leoni and the University of Sonora Partnership

On this insightful episode of Innovation in the Classroom, join host Jennifer Bradford and her guests, Adrián Aello of Leoni and Jesus Pacheco of the University of Sonora, as they explore the strides that higher education is taking to address the industry skills gap. Listen in as Adrián and Jesus discuss the partnership program between the University and Leoni to introduce industry-level skill sets to the next generation of engineers.

“I believe the new generations are more focused on technology. This is why it’s easier and feasible for them to adapt in this modality, where design dictates the way in which the physical assembly of the product arrives… So, with this partnership association, practically, we’re training students in the usage of these Siemens tools, easing and avoiding time consumption in preparation before being hired in the company.”

Adrián Aello

Questions I ask:

  • How did the partnership between the University and Leoni come to be? (00:28)
  • What was the big driving force behind the partnership for Leoni? (01:26)
  • What does a day in the life look like for students wihin the program? (02:36)
  • What successes has the program seen? (04:53)
  • Have the partnership’s successes drawn additional students to the program? (06:15)
  • What does the skills gap between student graduates versus what Leoni seeks in new engineers look like? (07:06)
  • How has having access to Siemens EDA software facilitated this partnership? (09:09)
  • In a perfect world, what would partnerships between industry and academia look like? (10:59)
  • What do you wish university administrations and faculty across the world knew about industry needs? (13:04)
Innovation in the Classroom

Innovation in the Classroom

Innovation in the Classroom by Siemens explores best practices to empower the next generation of digital talent. In this podcast series, Dora Smith takes you through discussions with leading voices from the world of engineering education who are preparing future engineers in Academia 4.0 to shape the world of innovation.

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