How ENGenious are YOU?

Incentive for trivia game participation
Incentive for trivia game participation

What does it mean to be ENGenious? The term captures the particular combination of qualities that are the mark of engineers: curiosity and creativity, logical thinking and problem-solving, along with equal measures of genius and ingenuity. In the spirit of friendly competition, Smart Expert Partner Maya HTT brings you the ENGenious #EngineerTrivia Challenge, a fast-paced game that takes only two minutes to keep you, your friends and your colleagues on your toes.

Scheduled to coincide with RealizeLIVE, Siemens’ biggest yearly event, the ENGenious #EngineerTrivia Challenge is a fun way to test your engineering PLM and simulation knowledge to win bragging rights and prizes, or just have fun.

How many can you answer? Boost your score by running a streak of correct answers. You’ve got two minutes and three chances to play! Win bragging rights along with weekly prizes and one grand prize. Are you ENGenious? Think you can claim top place? Give it a try.

Play, share and follow along. May the most ENGenious engineer win!

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