NX for Students | Enhancing Future Employability and Getting NX Certified

As a student engineer or designer, we are filled with creative ideas. Learning NX as a tool for all stages of your design process can help you bring these ideas to life, during university, and beyond with a single software.

Improve productivity and usability with NX Core Architecture upgrades in latest release

Core updates to improve your experience navigating and operating NX

Maximize your NX Drafting and Layout Performance with these new updates

NX Drafting Provides a comprehensive set of tools to produce and maintain engineering drawings which comply to major national and…

Soft Body Modeling Discussion and Demonstration

Much of consumer product design includes not only hard parts but incorporates soft materials as well. Having both in the…

Man at desk wearing VR headset

NX VR for Heavy Equipment | Individual design review for the JCB Fastrac 8250

The importance of Virtual Reality in an individual design review Welcome back to the latest instalment of the NX VR…

Design for Purpose: Sustainable Innovation

This article comes to us from Hannah Pinales. Hannah is a Strategic Student Co-op here on the Product Engineering Software organization here at Siemens Digital Industries. This is the fifth and final article of the series. The previous articles have highlighted the full product development workflow that Siemens DISW equips users with in order to design for sustainable awareness. This article demonstrates how this workflow can bring innovation to part designs.

Introducing NX Mold Connect: Simplifying RFQs for injection molded parts

A few years ago, I had an opportunity to visit a company that designs and manufactures injection molds. The company…

A Coffee Machine with accompanying text

NX Render Blog Series: The visualization process for Consumer Products – Render Setup

Introduction Welcome back to the final instalment of the visualization process for Consumer Products. We’ve dived headfirst into the different…

NX Render Talks Consumer Products Part One – Model Setup

Welcome to a new series for Siemens NX involving Jamie Tyler, Marketing Co-ordinator and Gavin McCambridge, Visualization expert. We explore…