Siemens Certifies 200 Students for NX Design Excellence and Demonstration

In today’s competitive job market, engineering professionals need every advantage they can get. The University of Cincinnati is certainly paving the way for their students by providing them with the tools and practices needed for industry. Part of Professor Salehpour, and Ucker’s class finals, students were instructed to work together in a professional team environment and reverse engineer products and or design them from the bottom up using a real-life item as a reference. We had seen products ranging from de-soldering guns to nerf guns, from 2-wheeled bicycles to 4-wheeled RC cars, to drills and conrod straightening machines.

Demonstrating.jpgUC student walking through assembly of desoldering gun

Those on the NX Design team were happy to immediately provide these students with a certification of NX design. George Rendell, Senior Director of NX Design at Siemens Digital Industries Software stated

Through professional team collaboration and excellent NX technical capability, I am proud to designate our  NX Design certification to the students of Professor Amir Salehpour and Professor John Ucker’s design courses.

Siemens and UC.jpg

It was easy to see how knowledgeable these students were throughout their final presentations. All of the presenters were able to walk through their thought and design process using NX in order to accomplish their assignment, and all showed deep working knowledge of NX design practices after only a few months of using the tool. Some even demonstrated using a live NX session. 

It was easy to see the students’ expertise when demonstrating our NX design software in their presentations. George adds. From what I’ve seen, these students certainly have the technical skills and professionalism expected in industry today.”

Please see below for a series of photos from these new officially certified NX Design students!

Desoldering Gun.jpgDesoldering Gun Team

Connected Rod Straightener.jpgConnected rod gauge and straightener

PuNXatawney Phil (1).jpgPuNXatawney Phil

Reverse Engineering of Bike.jpgReverse Engineering of Bike

Team Sea Deep.jpgTeam Sea Deep

Monster RC Car.jpgMonster R-C CAR


Siemens and UC (1).jpg

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