Partnering with INEOS Team UK for America’s Cup because ‘there is no second’

The date for the America’s cup is not going to change, getting the boat sailing as quick as possible is key.

Design a mega yacht to win the America’s cup, it’s that simple. Class rules for the 36th America’s Cup of 2021, introduced dramatic changes in design. This time around, boat designs are very large, powerful and complex with a completely new type of configuration. As such, INEOS Team UK decided to design from scratch while leveraging the expertise and knowledge they already had in place through the Siemens digital twin.

“We have established extensive automation within NX,” comments Ollie Pendleton, design engineer with responsibility for managing the Siemens solution. “We have a lot of parameterized models on which we can change fundamental aspects and let NX update. NX is completely integral to the whole design process. Everyone collaborates within the same model.”

In this high intensity work environment, there is often the need for last-minute changes, particularly as deadlines mount, and INEOS Team UK may want to adjust their own models in order to understand the approach taken by other teams.

INEOS Team UK Preparing for America's Cup 2021

Under race rules teams are limited to developing two boats with a maximum of three rigs, four rudders and three pairs of wings, because of this, the fidelity of a chosen solution is paramount. Everything modeled in the virtual world needs to be exactly the same in the physical world.

With around 25,000 parts, one minor detail could be the winning decision.

“To be competitive we are constantly balancing associated risk with performance reward and the resources that we can apply. Our use of the Siemens solution is fundamental to how we do that.

For updates on INEOS Team UK and their pursuit of the 36th America’s Cup Trophy follow @INEOSTEAMUK on twitter.

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