Modern-day Amelia Earhart becomes youngest woman to fly around the world

By JerrySarfati

On Friday July 11, 2014, AmeliaEarhart, a former reporter from Denver, Colorado USA, completed an around-the-world journey.

Amelia Rose Earhart (no relation to the famous aviatrix) began her trip from Oakland California on June 26th. Amelia and her navigator piloted a Pilatus PC-12 more than 24,000 nautical miles, making 17 stops along the way.

The Pilatus PC-12 is a single-engine turboprop passenger and cargo aircraft manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland.

Pilatus PC-21

The company’s newest product is the Pilatus PC-21, a training aircraft for a new generation of military pilots. It follows the company’s highly successful PC-12, which is currently the biggest selling single-engine commercial aircraft in the world.

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