Analysts React! What they have to say about all the news at the Siemens PLM Analyst event

I’m writing this post from the confines of the southern outpost of the Milford, Ohio office (i.e. my home office) after having flown back this morning from Boston.  While the Siemens PLM analyst event is still in my short term memory, I wanted to get thisout to give you all something to watch over the weekend.

I was able to corral three of the analysts at the event and asked them a few rapid fire questions about the new organization, the customer presentations and all the new technoligies we rolled out and previewed.  Even more amazing than getting all three of these guys in one place, I actually got them to all chip in their answers on 3 different questions in less than 10 minutes (the key was to start rolling tape about 11 minutes before the executive Q&A session started so they had incentive to be concise with their answers). 

Thanks to Joe, Brad and Peter for taking to time to chat with me.


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