Tune in: Future-proof with the IoT

Today starts “Future-proof with the IoT”, the new mini-series included in the Siemens Digital Transformation Podcast. Tune in and learn how you can use digitalization to overcome common manufacturing disruptions. You will also discover how the IoT enables you to cost effectively ramp operations up and down in reaction to unforeseen situations (i.e. pandemics, natural disasters, economic issues, etc.).

Insights from IoT experts

The episodes are full of insights from a variety of Siemens Digital Industries Software experts and customers:

  • Get valuable insights, recommendations and first-hand stories from two of Siemens’ digitalization and manufacturing experts, Matthias Lutz (Head of PreSales and Solution Design) and Colm Gavin (Portfolio Development Manager)
  • Follow along as customers Heiko Dickas and Sebastian Oeder, from electric motor factory Siemens Bad Neustadt, share their experiences making their company a showcase factory for digital applications in metalworking. As the team leader of the digitalization team and the head of the production unit main motors, they have lived the digital transformation of the factory.

In the words of Klaus Helmrich, member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG and previous CEO of Siemens Digital Industries, “Bad Neustadt was on a very difficult course 10 years ago, And, together, we have succeeded in finding an innovative way that has given the future security. Today, everyone can look back with pride on what has changed over the past ten years.”

Don’t miss an episode of our IoT podcast

Do you want to understand the biggest challenges Siemens Bad Neustadt faced on their journey and what failures they learned from? Are you aware of how industrial IoT customers are shaping the industry? Then check the first episode of the “Future-proof with the IoT” mini-series here: https://www.plm.automation.siemens.com/global/en/resource/future-proof-with-industrial-iot-solutions/97300

Learn more about manufacturing challenges and their IoT solution

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