Man and woman in hard hats at a factory looking at a tablet

Capture the tribal knowledge with IoT

One of the major challenges for a lot of US manufacturing companies is the high number of workers reaching retirement,…

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Tune in: Future-proof with the IoT

Today starts “Future-proof with the IoT”, the new mini-series included in the Siemens Digital Transformation Podcast. Tune in and learn…

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The industrial IoT and connected cars – is there a connection?

The concept of the connected car can mean different things to different people. Some may think about the consumer side…

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Get a clear vision in the make vs. buy dilemma

Reducing operational costs and growing market share are some of the most important and sought after business objectives of an…

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Leverage industrial IoT for Energy Optimization

The industrial sector currently consumes roughly half of all global energy and feedstock fuels. That’s right – half! The pressure…

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How industrial IoT empowers you to fight manufacturing disruptions and win

As witnessed in 2020, manufacturing disruptions are unpredictable. Learn how to combat them with industrial IoT.

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Leverage remote condition monitoring to prevent unplanned downtime

Industrial organizations must continuously look for ways to increase operational efficiency, lower costs and improve production rates. One common way…

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How the closed-loop digital twin is changing the manufacturing industry

The implications of the closed-loop digital twin are powerful. Learn how it is affecting the industry as a whole.