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Closed-loop digital twins: when IoT and simulation converge

The use of closed-loop digital twins is becoming one of the core elements in digitalization. Implementing it and having the…

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IoT: the enabler of digital transformation

As you may have noticed, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a key talking point in recent years. And…

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Capture the tribal knowledge with IoT

One of the major challenges for a lot of US manufacturing companies is the high number of workers reaching retirement,…

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Tune in: Future-proof with the IoT

Today starts “Future-proof with the IoT”, the new mini-series included in the Siemens Digital Transformation Podcast. Tune in and learn…

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Leverage industrial IoT for Energy Optimization

The industrial sector currently consumes roughly half of all global energy and feedstock fuels. That’s right – half! The pressure…

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Leverage remote condition monitoring to prevent unplanned downtime

Industrial organizations must continuously look for ways to increase operational efficiency, lower costs and improve production rates. One common way…

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What’s new in MindSphere – November 2020

This update blog includes many of the newest and most exciting capabilities and enhancements from recent MindSphere Releases.

PowerPoint headline slide from a webinar, the text reads: Connect for transparency, predictability, and accuracy

Making Industry 4.0 a Reality: Connectivity

A key building block of Industry 4.0 is leveraging the Internet of Things to connect and monitor assets. Read more about how IoT makes transformational change.

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Digitalization – The New Competitor

Digitalization is The New Competitor You Can’t Ignore

The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) has completely upended the competitive landscape for manufacturers.