Blonde woman wearing glasses looking at a digital overlay of robotic machines

Closed-loop digital twins: when IoT and simulation converge

The use of closed-loop digital twins is becoming one of the core elements in digitalization. Implementing it and having the…

Woman in a suit walking through a factory hallway with a digital overlay of a crane

Tune in: Future-proof with the IoT

Today starts “Future-proof with the IoT”, the new mini-series included in the Siemens Digital Transformation Podcast. Tune in and learn…

Businessman in a hall entrance wearing safety gear and holding a tablet

How the closed-loop digital twin is changing the manufacturing industry

The implications of the closed-loop digital twin are powerful. Learn how it is affecting the industry as a whole.

Close the loop with new, ready-made digital twin applications on MindSphere

With the latest release, MindSphere has taken an exciting step toward accelerating the reality of a closed-loop digital twin for…

Bussiness man wearing a hardhat works with holographic projection 3D model of a engine turbine prototype.

The difference between a simulation and a digital twin

When powered by an IoT platform, a model becomes an integrated, closed-loop digital twin that, once fully deployed and connected via the digital thread, is a business simulation tool that can drive strategy at every stage of the business.

Drive optimized decision-making: The closed-loop digital twin with IoT

Digitalization has disrupted the manufacturing industry, making it imperative for companies to find ways to drive increased value through innovation.