Working people with protection mask during corona virus pandemic. Industrial supervisor manager with hygienic mask controlling workers in production factory.

How industrial IoT meets manufacturing disruptions head-on!

Disruptions, like the COVID pandemic, can be entirely unpredictable, leaving manufacturers and their supply chains at risk. Resources may become…

Woman at a computer with a mug. A digital overlay of factory devices is over her shoulder.

What’s new in MindSphere – June 2021

Connecting the things that run the world New MindSphere releases deliver advanced industrial IoT capabilities that bring the physical and…

Businessman typing with an overlay screen with charts and graphs and a machine arm icon

IoT: the enabler of digital transformation

As you may have noticed, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a key talking point in recent years. And…

Man and woman in hard hats at a factory looking at a tablet

Capture the tribal knowledge with IoT

One of the major challenges for a lot of US manufacturing companies is the high number of workers reaching retirement,…

Man in orange safety suit working on heavy machinery

Private Cloud for MindSphere now available

Adhere to strict regulatory compliance and data privacy needs while maximizing the value of IIoT data With the most recent…

Woman in a suit walking through a factory hallway with a digital overlay of a crane

Tune in: Future-proof with the IoT

Today starts “Future-proof with the IoT”, the new mini-series included in the Siemens Digital Transformation Podcast. Tune in and learn…

Birds-eye-view of a busy road with cars and a graphical overlay showing the flow of traffic with arrows

The industrial IoT and connected cars – is there a connection?

The concept of the connected car can mean different things to different people. Some may think about the consumer side…

Man looking at tablet with overlay projection of charts and graphs

Real-time value of data: Siemens MindSphere & IBM Red Hat collaboration

Shorten Time to Value and Reduce IT Complexity for Manufacturing in Private Clouds

Illustration of a cloud with a keyhole. There are 1s and 0s overlaid.

Cloud security – it’s a team effort

Companies are getting smarter about security. However, hackers are growing in step. As a result, the threat landscape is constantly…